Effects of walk breaks in T1/T3 final on heart rate and lactate in Icelandic horses

T1/T3 is a Sport Competition for Icelandic horses containing three sections: 1. slow tölt; 2. slow tölt with lengthen stride distinctly on the long sides; 3. fast tölt. Characteristic for a good tölt is the clear and distinct four beat, great balance, correct topline and high but supple movements. The five riders who receive the highest scores from the judges in the preliminary round can participate in the A-finals. In the finals the sections must be shown in both reins and the time is often increased compared to the preliminary rounds. The rules of walk breaks in the finals arose from riders and judge’s idea that the horses had high physiological response during the finals. There is no public data showing the physiological responses in a T1/T3 final nor the walk breaks impact. The aim of this thesis is to examine the physiological response during a T1/T3 final and compare these results with two different finals arrangement; with walk breaks and without. The physiological response was measured by heart rate (in beats/min) and lactate (in mmol/L blood).

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