Forest owners faced with crisis - How do different types of forest owners react to a bark beetle inf

This paper aims to investigate how well different kinds of forest owners react to crises. To measure this, we use infestation from the potent pest insect The European spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus) as an instrument for crisis. And then comparing to see if there is a time difference in how fast different kinds of forest owners react when their forests are attacked by the beetle. Our main differentiation on forest owners is whether they are private or corporate. We do our investigation by joining data on when bark beetles are swarming (spreading in an area) with data on when forest owners in the area apply to cut down trees due to the infestation. Cutting down infested trees fast is the best way to combat an attack from the pests, time is of the essence. We therefore run regressions with time difference being our dependent variable. First OLS with the time difference and the owner as a dummy for private/corporate. We then follow up with logarithmized and squared variables. Our results show that there probably is a difference in reaction time, private owners seem to be faster, but the results are not entirely significant on a high level. We then investigate a bit further to see what is behind their efficiency, but get no conclusive answers.

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Ester Hedin and Melina Läggerberger Agricultural Economics and Management

Hello! Our names are Melina Läggeberger and Ester Hedin. We study Agriculture Economics and Management at SLU. We are 23 and 28 years old and live in Uppsala since three years. We study National Economics and are very interested in questions regarding forestry and natural resources. Thats why we chose to write our bachelor thesis about forestry and crisis management.