Old Food Habits Die Hard - Combine old habits with new sustainable alternatives

Our food habits have devastating environmental and public health effects. Food retailers can support consumers in making sustainable choices. The Swedes consume too much saturated fat, added sugars, salt and unhealthy snacks. Additionally, diets need to include more whole grains, fibers, fruits and vegetables. Neither is our diet sustainable for the environment, as it exceeds climate impact boundaries. The largest greenhouse gas emission impact in the food sector comes from the consumption of meat and dairy products. Although food retailers respond to consumer demand, they have the possibility to shape food choices and a responsibility towards society. Furthermore, the consumers need guidance on how to make better choices, which is highly affected by habits. Therefore, we identified commonly prepared dishes and altered them. The dishes were then integrated in portfolio management as a means to contribute to sustainable development.

About us

Rebecca Johansson and Linn Torstensson Sustainable Food Systems


My genuine interest in preventing common public health diseases through diet and lifestyle led me to study a B.Sc. in Nutrition, which later expanded into my current passion: how the food we eat affects not only our health, but also the environment, the animals and global food security. This master’s programme allowed me to combine all of these parameters. I look forward to work for a company or an organization that shares my values in striving for sustainability, public health and global equality. What I will bring to the table is my multidisciplinary knowledge, systems thinking and absolute dedication in changing the broken food system.

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Who would have thought that growing up on a strawberry field on the countryside of Skåne would take me all the way here? Now I am a registered dietitian with a master’s degree and a major interest in food in relation to health, sustainability, communication and trends. Besides this, I long to contribute to a more sustainable food system with my favorite tools; knowledge, joy and optimism! In my work, I am energetic, service minded, keen to learn and always look ahead. From my time here at SLU I carry with me a systems perspective. I am sure that it will come well at hand for the time to come.

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