Practice round data in policy-oriented real effort task experiments

This study consists of an econometric elaboration of a dataset collected in a real effort task in Vietnam. In 15 different villages, 32 participants were asked to fulfil biodegradable soil bags for the reforestation of the areas where they lived, under different incentives. Before the real performance, a practice round has been conducted in order to let them take confidence with the task. The number of bags fulfilled during this round has been collected too. The aim of this thesis was to prove that these data can be used to adjust experimental “live round real effort data” and assess the extent to which including such data improves statistical properties. Specifically, argumentation has been built to prove that these data are ideal to (1) test for successful randomization and (2) can be used to “calibrate” the performance of the later rounds (to adjust for ability and intrinsic motivation). The inclusion of these data in the econometric elaboration has successfully improved the significance level and the residuals of the models, and have permitted to do some considerations regarding gender differences that without practice round data could not be done.

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