The Road to Information

Tourism is increasing in national parks, creating a burden on nature in these protected areas. This master thesis investigates how a change in the outdoor environment can lower the negative impact created by visitors.

Seven general design principles have been identified for sustainable nature tourism by using a combination of environmental psychology, natural resource management, interpretation and landscape architecture. The results indicate that good design can indirectly reduce visitors’ negative impact on protected areas by increasing their knowledge and awareness of their impact. The thesis design question has been applied to the Naturum Visitor Center Laponia. The results are thereby divided into two parts. One that presents the seven general design principles and one that presents a conceptual design proposal for the entrance to Naturum Visitor Center Laponia based on the design principles.

The design proposal over the visitor center is divided into three parts based on how the visitor is led to the center. Part A includes the entrance from the country road to the parking lot. Part B covers the parking lot. Part C covers the three hundred meters long gravel road down to the visitor center. An interpretation route with the theme ”Mountain sense – your impact on nature” has been added along this path in order to create target points along the way and inform visitors about their impact on nature. To read the master thesis in full text:

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Emma Arvidsson Landscape Architecture

I am a farm girl who likes problem solving and dreams about working for a more sustainable future. For me it is important to have a holistic approach and dare to experiment with new ideas and solutions. As a person I am curious and positive. If you have any thoughts, do not hesitate to contact me.