Towards the no-net emission goal - can Uppsala municipality reach the no-net emission goal in a cost

This thesis investigates if Uppsala municipality can reach the Swedish no net emission goal by decreasing its total greenhouse gas emission level by 85%. The data was received from Uppsala municipality and show which emissions sources the municipal offices have. Options which were less carbon intense compared to the emission sources where identified, and the cost of business as usual and the options were estimated in addition to an estimation of total emissions emitted from each option if replacing the current emission source. Marginal cost curves were then used to rank by cost in SEK per ton reduced emissions, and it was then estimated how costly it would be to reach the no net emission goal if implementing the highest ranked options until the goal was reached. A reduction of 98.7% could be reached while gaining 8.2 million SEK.

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I am a master student in the Environmental Economics and Management programme who is interested in climate and energy related questions. I am interested in working with questions regarding environment and sustainability.


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