Value creation through cluster networks in the Swedish food sector

This study has investigated if and how the location itself and its resources motivates Swedish food companies to operate in a cluster network, and further how these criteria contribute to value creation for the company and within the cluster network.

About us

Oscar Friberg and Amelie Jönsson Agricultural Economics and Management


My name is Oscar Friberg and I’m currently 25 years old. At SLU, I'm currently finishing my final year at the program for Agricultural Economics and Management. I’m born and raised on a farm situated 30 kilometers outside of Lidköping in Västergötland, with production on the farm being focused on pig production and arable farming. Along my studies, I’m also running a small business focused on production of films and photography for companies in the farming sector.


I have a great interest in the food industry and the whole supply chain from primary producer to end consumer. Further, I am interested in how companies in the food sector can develop in relation to economical, social and environmental aspects.