Thesis Day programme
13:00-15:00 May 27th

13:00 Opening

The introduction speech will be held by SLU Deputy Vice-Chancellor Karin Holmgren. Thesis Day hosts are Tuva Wrenfelt and Thea Folk from SLUSS.

Alumna Keynote Speech: Malin Leth

We are change agents of our time, and together we form and build our society. Whether it is us as designers, architects, engineers, foresters, or biologists - we all have an essential role to play. Malin Leth will talk about following your passion and finding your story. Then your pathway can take any twists and turns, but you still know that you’re heading the right way.

Malin graduated from SLU in 2014 with a double degree in Landscape Construction and Management, and Landscape Planning. Having worked in Sweden and internationally as a coordinator, advisor, and specialist at large international NGOs and a management consultancy, she now runs her own business Circulous. With her passion for co-creation, large scale system change and smart utilization of resources, Malin is the co-host of the podcast Love Zero Waste, and co-creator of MethodKit for Sustainable Organizations and the 12R of zero-waste workshops.  

Student Presentation: Wael Alkusaibati

Wael is a student from the Environmental Economics and Management programme, and will present his thesis The Organization under Extreme Conditions - The Case of Humanitarian Aid Organizations in Syria

Alumnus Keynote Speech: Sadiq Zafrullah 

What does the starting point of an International career look like? Sadiq Zaffrulah shares his experience from internships at ILO and the UNHCR. Sadiq was awarded the title 'Global Swede 2019' by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for his social, innovative and entrepreneurial performances -  as nominated by SLU. He graduated from the Rural Development and Natural Resource Management programme last spring. 

Student Presentation: Linn Torstensson & Rebecca Johansson

Linn and Rebecca are students from the Sustainable Food Systems programme, and will present their thesis Swedish food habits for higher nutritional value and lower climate impact - food retail portfolio management

Student Presentation: Sallam Mohammed Abdallah Ahmed

Sallam is a student from the Animal Science programme, and will present his thesis International Genomic Evaluation of Brown Swiss and Holstein Dairy Cattle - Multi-trait vs. Single-trait Approach

Alumnus Keynote Speech: Svante Axelsson

Svante Axelsson is the SLU Alumnus of the Year 2019. 

On behalf of the Swedish government, Axelsson is now leading the work to make Sweden one of the first fossil-free welfare countries in the world. 

Svante graduated from SLU in 1988; his degree was in agricultural science, specialising in economics. Before taking up his current position at Fossil Free Sweden, Axelsson was secretary-general of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation for 16 years, where he was a part of the society’s change of tone and shift of focus – from problems to solutions. 

Closing ceremony and awards

Don't miss the closing ceremony as our jury will announce the winner of best poster.

Thesis Day ends with a speech by SLU Vice-Chancellor Maria Knutson Wedel to all graduating students. 


Deputy Vice-Chancellor Karin Holmgren


Alumna Malin Leth


Tuva Wrenfelt and Thea Folke


Alumnus Sadiq Zafrullah


SLU Alumnus of the Year 2019 Svante Axelsson


Vice-Chancellor Maria Knutson Wedel